What Is a Bank Levy?

IRS Tax Attorney Network A bank levy is an IRS collection action in which the IRS seizes the bank accounts of taxpayers to fulfill an unpaid tax debt. It is only in cases of unpaid tax debt that taxpayers have been ignoring, avoiding, or unable to reach an agreement, that the IRS places a levy.…

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How to Spot a Ripoff Tax Relief Company

IRS Tax Attorney Network When a taxpayer finds out they owe the IRS back taxes, they often experience a range of emotions, from shame and stress to anger and fear. These mixed emotions can lead some to make abrupt decisions in order to quickly resolve their tax problem. While being proactive with your tax issue…

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How to Avoid an IRS Audit

Some of the strategies you can use to avoid and IRS audit. If

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Tax Scams in the Name of Tax Relief

IRS Tax Attorney Network Tax relief companies that run tax scams accumulate millions of dollars in a few years of service by stealing innocent taxpayers’ money. Fraudulent tax relief companies use various methods to run their tax scams. They attract taxpayers through misleading advertising and use deceptive business practices to steal money from taxpayers. Taxpayers,…

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What’s the difference between an Enrolled Agent, CPA, Tax Attorney

Tax attorney Cort Arlint explains the difference between a general tax preparer, an enrolled agent, a CPA and a Tax

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How to Deal with a Wage Garnishment

stop IRS wage garnishment

IRS Tax Attorney Network A wage garnishment is an IRS collection action where the IRS begins to deduct money from a taxpayer’s compensation, including salary, hourly wages, accounts receivable, or any other income sources, to satisfy an unpaid tax debt. Although a wage garnishment can be stopped, IRS Tax Attorney Network suggests taxpayers to pay…

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