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Tax Relief FAQ

What is tax relief?

The phrase tax relief, in general, refers to taxpayers attempts to mitigate their tax problems whether on the local, state or federal level. Generally speaking, individuals seek tax relief because they have been notified by the IRS with a Notice of Intent to either levy accounts, lien on property, real or personal, or garnish wages.

Tax relief may be extended to either individuals or a business that can show a specific need for a tax breaks. Tax relief concessions are not usually granted to individuals or businesses with deep pockets.

There are numerous reasons why a taxpayer may seek out specific tax relief. Most often, taxpayers are unable to pay their tax debts in full or have failed to file returns for a number of years and eventually are notified by the IRS of impending action.

A number of tax relief programs are available through the IRS. However, to qualify, taxpayers are required to fit within specific guidelines of tax regulations.

What can a tax relief specialist do for me?

In cases involving existing businesses or in personal cases where the IRS has taken dramatic steps towards collection including threats of liens, garnishments or levies, tax relief professionals can be very helpful. This representation will be knowledgeable on rules and formulas, procedures and paperwork.

Tax relief specialists are a recommended aid for contacting, and negotiating with the IRS. They can help even the odds when you must deal with government agents, who can be very intimidating when making demands on the taxpayer. IRS agents tend to be less forceful and more reasonable when dealing with a tax professional.

Are there any guarantees?

Tax relief professionals promise satisfaction with their services in assisting taxpayers prepare requests for installment arrangements, offer-in-compromise or other tax resolutions. They cannot guarantee you won’t have to pay taxes, or predict with 100% certainty how the IRS will rule on requests for tax relief, however.

If the IRS rejects the initial request for tax relief, many tax relief professionals will review the rejection letter and prepare a response and appeal for no charge.

What does it cost for tax relief representation?

Tax relief professionals charge for their services. Filing tax returns and talking to the IRS on your behalf require fees. In many cases, the cost of tax representation is comparable to that of tax preparation firms accustomed to handling only current-year filers.

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